List of Stations heard
on WorldSpace  (Afristar West)
December 2017 : I realise no more signal is received here (beam check adjustement impossible) . Unsure if it's me (my antenna/cable) or if it's discontinued.  If anyone can confirm...
                              (Yasmi website does not exist anymore and Omni-sat can be outdated...)                              

Updated  : 3 Jan 2016

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Cette liste existe en Francais Ici
Note: Sorry for delay in update. I moved and my south view is less practical. In the meantime Worldspace nearly disappeared....
Here is an update of what can really be heard today

Tr = Transponder
BC= Broadcaster
SC= Service Component
PTY = Program Type
TR BC Nr BC name SC PTY Son Station Langue Remarques
81L 328 YAZMIDAT 1 DATA CH - - web :
81R 621 YAZMIFILE 1 DATA CH   - - -
81L 935 OMNISAT 1 DATA CH data - - web:
Note : This is just the list I am (euh, was) personnally using for my WorldSpace listening, just shared here with you. This is not another reference. It just meets my needs.  In case of conflict, french issue takes precedence, although I try to update both simultaneously.

Lists history in english : History

Yazmi's proprietary solution is delivered via our satellite network into the hands of more than one billion students across the globe through our Android-based Odyssey tablets.
Broadcasts can consist of any type of digital content, and can be tailored by grade, region, language, or subject.


Special Announcement for India Subscribers to WorldSpace Satellite Radio

On December 31, 2009, the WorldSpace satellite radio broadcast service will be terminated for all customers serviced from India.

This action is an outgrowth of the financial difficulties facing WorldSpace India’s parent company, WorldSpace, Inc., which has been under bankruptcy protection since October 2008. The potential buyer of much of WorldSpace’s global assets has decided not to buy the WorldSpace assets relating to and supporting WorldSpace’s subscription business in India. As a consequence, WorldSpace, Inc. must discontinue its subscriber business in India. Your subscription contract is with WorldSpace, Inc., a US company that is in a bankruptcy proceeding in the United States. The company recognizes that you may have paid for services to be rendered beyond the termination date, but is not in a position to offer a refund for any unused portion of your subscription.

You may have a potential remedy under the U.S. bankruptcy law. You may file a claim under the claims procedure that is intended to protect creditors of the bankrupt company. Sometime early next year, a claim servicing company will send notice to all creditors listed by the company. In order to ensure that you receive timely notice, we would request that you send the following information by mail or email to Rakesh Raghavan at WorldSpace, Inc. headquarters in the United States.

1. Name
2. Address
3. Email
4. Subscription Account Number
5. Date of Subscription
6. Length of Subscription
7. Amount paid for your current subscription

Send this information to: By email -- or by regular mail – Rakesh Raghavan, WorldSpace, Inc. 8515 Georgia AV, Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA.

Our sincere apologies for this circumstance.


Channels are listed here in the order they appear when I scan on the Sanyo.
Changes done since this issue will only appear in... next update. This is not a real time service.

Some comments may be personal. For commercial infos (prices, subscriptions...), refer to the authorised sources.

Lists history in english : History
Lists history in french : Historique
Official WorldSpace websites in English and French.
Other website :
Other website :

Contact/complements/corrections : Send me an email

Tell me if you have discovered specially interesting programming on one of the stations (give station, schedule, details) and we can mention it here for others..

Info : Inside the Sanyo DSB-WS1000  (Inside the receiver)

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