List of Stations heard
on WorldSpace  (Afristar West)

Updated  : 19 April 2003

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Cette liste existe en Francais Ici
BC= Broadcaster
SC= Service Component
PTY = Program Type
BC Nr BC name SC PTY Audio Station Language Remaks
627 WRN1 1 NEWS mono World Radio Network English Bunch of international broadcasters programs, often also available on shortwaves. (See WRN1). Weekly newsletter available by email. [Sat  0800TU World of Radio]
628 WRN2 1 NEWS mono World Radio Network French,/ German Bunch of international broadcasters programs, often also available on shortwaves. (See WRN2) . French 15h30 to 7h UTC, German 7h to 15h30 UTC. Free email weekly newsletter available.
845 ESPERANC 1 TALK mono Radio Esperance French Religious. France. (see list in french)
613 NGOMA 1 OTHER stereo Ngoma English WS: African dance
812 WALF FM 1 INFO mono Walf FM French, other Senegal - web:
846 SGH H 1 NO PTYPE mono Radio Sai Global Harmony other  "Swami's Discourses, Bhajans, Devotional Songs, Instrumental songs and special concerts"- web: or pages/RadioSai1.htm
818 BLMBR EN 1 NEWS mono Bloomberg English English (business news) 
819 BLMBR FR 1 NEWS mono Bloomberg Francais French (business news) 
516 EDUTEST 1 EDUCAT mono - - (the audio channel appears/disappears...!)
516 EDUTEST 2 DATA CH data (data) - -
832 CANAL EF 1 EDUCAT mono Canal Educatif Francais Learning channel in French 
832 CANAL EF 2 DATA CH data (data) -
806 EAST FM 1 POP stereo East FM Hindi, Urdu, English Kenya - web:
614 KILLAMUS 1 POP stereo Killa Musica Arabic Arabic pop music
834 EUROPE 1 1 NEWS mono Europe 1 French web:
829 REE 1 INFO mono Radio Exterior d'Espana  Spanish Spain  24h/24. Web:
833 CONGOBZV 1 INFO mono Radio Congo French + Lingala, Kikongo Congo  (Brazzaville) 
810 RSI-RTS 1 INFO mono R. TV Sénégalaise French + others Senegal - Web:
824 CAPITAL 1 POP stereo Capital Radio Turkish, English Turkey - web:
523 COMRTEST 1 NEWS mono Radio Comores Comorian, Arabic, French -ORTC, Comoro Islands 
807 KBC 1 INFO mono Kenya Broadcasting Corp Swahili, others Kenya - web:
837 HITMIXFM 1 POP stereo Hit-Mix FM German German Pop Station (Munich). 
web:  and
573 WEATHER 1 INFO coded mono Weather Channel English  WorldSpace weather channel. Encrypted since  April 15, 2003. Subscribe with   WS UK (Tel +44 207 494 8222). See schedule /lineup on > weather.
841 R D S 1 INFO stereo R. Dimensione Suono Italian Italy - Pop chart station - web:
842 YOON-WI 1 INFO stereo Yoon Wi Arabic, French others Senegal 
839 N P R 1 INFO mono
National Public Radio English USA. Encrypted since 28/11/02 0hUTC. Combined subscription with Radio Caroline, see below. web: - Email :
843 CAROLINE 1 ROCK stereo
Radio Caroline English That's Peter Moore station. Encrypted since 28/11/02. Combined subscription with NPR, call WS UK  tel +44 207 494 8222 - GBP4,99/month, GBP59,88/year - Look for possible promotions combined with a receiver sale. 
studio email: - Other web:
844 MARINE 1 OTHER coded Météo Marine  French Météo France . Encrypted channel  (see details on french list)
708 THE HOP 1 OTHER stereo The Hop English XS : 50-60-70's hits
900 KAYA 1 OTHER stereo Kaya-FM English South Africa - w: ?
700 BOB 1 ROCK stereo Bob English  WS : Modern rock
701 ULTRAPOP 1 POP stereo Ultra Pop English WS: Pop/hits contemporary
703 POTION 1 URBAN stereo Potion English WS Urban, contemporary
704 UPCNTRY 1 COUNTRY stereo Up Country English WS country music channel
904 BBC-AFRW 1 NEWS mono BBC Africa English  BBC 24h/24 - Web:
709 OYEME 1 OTHER stereo Oyeme! English  WS: Tropical / Latino channel
903 RFI 1 1 NEWS mono RFI Afrique French Radio France Internationale - Web:
705 RIFF 1 JAZZ stereo Riff English WS Jazz channel
711 ORBIT RK 1 OTHER stereo Orbit Rock English Classic Rock  60/70/80's
750 ALC 1 EDUCAT stereo Africa Learning Channel English Learning programmes
707 MAESTRO 1 CLASSIC stereo Maestro English WS classical music channel 
794 DATA 128K 1 DATA CH data (data) - -
794 DATA 128K 2 DATA CH data (data) - -
792 ALC DATA 1 DATA CH data (data) - -
793 DMS 128K 1 DATA CH data Direct Media Service - -
793 DMS 128K 2 DATA CH data Direct Media Service - -
790 - - - - - - - NO DATA
710 VOYAGER 1 POP stereo Radio Voyager English Contemporaneous music/News
Note 1 : This is just the list I am personnally using for my WorldSpace listening, just shared here with you. This is not another reference. It just meets my needs.  In case of conflict, french issue takes precedence, although I try to update both simultaneously.

Note 2 : Major updates: New= SHG with indian sound.    Disappeared early April= CNNI, ORTM (they were supposed to go pay/encrypted), HANEEN (by 15/04). NPR and Caroline are back to Encrypted after one month free promotion in March.

Channels are listed here in the order they appear when I scan on the Sanyo.
Changes done since this issue will only appear in... next update. This is not a real time service.
New : An "under construction" more uptodate issue may be found  HERE
Some comments may be personal. For commercial infos (prices, subscriptions...), refer to the authorised sources.

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Tell me if you have discovered specially interesting programming on one of the stations (give station, schedule, details) and we can mention it here for others..

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