List of Stations heard
on WorldSpace  (Afristar West)

Updated  : 6 July 2003

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Cette liste existe en Francais Ici
BC= Broadcaster
SC= Service Component
PTY = Program Type
BC Nr BC name SC PTY Audio Station Language Remaks
627 WRN1 1 NEWS mono World Radio Network English Bunch of international broadcasters programs, often also available on shortwaves. (See WRN1). Weekly newsletter available by email. [Sat  0800TU World of Radio]
628 WRN2 1 NEWS mono World Radio Network French,/ German Bunch of international broadcasters programs, often also available on shortwaves. (See WRN2) . French 15h30 to 7h UTC, German 7h to 15h30 UTC. Free email weekly newsletter available.
845 ESPERANC 1 TALK mono Radio Esperance French Religious. France. (see list in french)
613 NGOMA 1 OTHER stereo Ngoma English WS: African dance
812 WALF  1 INFO mono Walf FM French, other Senegal - web:
846 SGH H 1 NO PTYPE mono Radio Sai Global Harmony other  "Swami's Discourses, Bhajans, Devotional Songs, Instrumental songs and special concerts"- web: or pages/RadioSai1.htm
814 CNNI 1 NEWS mono CNN International English back again, after leaving early april!
818 BLMBR EN 1 NEWS mono Bloomberg English English (business news) 
819 BLMBR FR 1 NEWS mono Bloomberg Francais French (business news) 
801 EGYPT-2 1 INFO mono E.R.T.U. (Egypt) Arabic Egyptian Radio
516 EDUTEST 1 DATA CH data (data) - -
832 CANAL EF 1 EDUCAT mono Canal Educatif Francais Learning channel in French 
832 CANAL EF 2 DATA CH data (data) -
806 EAST FM 1 POP stereo East FM Hindi, Urdu, English Kenya - web: Was to switch to subscription mode on 1/july.
847 COMORES 1 NEWS mono Multimedia Com Comorian French, Arabic (new)  Tph: +269 732117
614 KILLAMUS 1 POP stereo Killa Musica Arabic Arabic pop music
834 EUROPE 1 1 NEWS mono Europe 1 French web:
842 LAMP FM 1 INFO mono Lamp FM Various Senegal - (since July 1) - Web:
829 REE 1 INFO mono Radio Exterior d'Espana  Spanish Spain  24h/24. Web:
810 RSI-RTS 1 INFO mono R. TV Sénégalaise French + others Senegal - Web: Found to be crypted by 12/5, then free again by 15/5...
824 CAPITAL 1 POP stereo Capital Radio Turkish, English Turkey - web:
807 KBC 1 INFO mono Kenya Broadcasting Corp Swahili, others Kenya - web:
837 HITMIXFM 1 POP stereo Hit-Mix FM German German Pop Station (Munich). 
web:  and
573 WEATHER 1 INFO coded mono Weather Channel English  WorldSpace weather channel. Encrypted since  April 15, 2003. Subscribe with   WS UK (Tel +44 207 494 8222). See schedule /lineup on > weather.
841 R D S 1 INFO stereo R. Dimensione Suono Italian Italy - Pop chart station - web:
839 N P R 1 INFO mono
National Public Radio English USA. Encrypted since 28/11/02 0hUTC. Combined subscription with Radio Caroline, see below. 
. web: - Email :
843 CAROLINE 1 ROCK stereo
Radio Caroline English That's Peter Moore station. Encrypted since 28/11/02. Combined subscription with NPR, call WS UK  tel +44 207 494 8222 - GBP4,99/month, GBP59,88/year - Look for possible promotions combined with a receiver sale. 
studio email: - Other web:
844 MARINE 1 OTHER coded Météo Marine  French Météo France . Encrypted channel  (see details on french list)
708 THE HOP 1 OTHER stereo The Hop English XS : 50-60-70's hits
900 KAYA 1 OTHER stereo Kaya-FM English South Africa - w: ?
700 BOB 1 ROCK stereo Bob English  WS : Modern rock
701 ULTRAPOP 1 POP stereo Ultra Pop English WS: Pop/hits contemporary
703 POTION 1 URBAN stereo Potion English WS Urban, contemporary
704 UPCNTRY 1 COUNTRY stereo Up Country English WS country music channel
904 BBC-AFRW 1 NEWS mono BBC Africa English  BBC 24h/24 - Web:
709 OYEME 1 OTHER stereo Oyeme! English  WS: Tropical / Latino channel
903 RFI 1 1 NEWS mono RFI Afrique French Radio France Internationale - Web:
705 RIFF 1 JAZZ stereo Riff English WS Jazz channel
711 ORBIT RK 1 OTHER stereo Orbit Rock English Classic Rock  60/70/80's
750 ALC 1 EDUCAT stereo Africa Learning Channel English Learning programmes
707 MAESTRO 1 CLASSIC stereo Maestro English WS classical music channel 
794 DATA 128K 1 DATA CH data (data) - -
794 DATA 128K 2 DATA CH data (data) - -
792 ALC DATA 1 DATA CH data (data) - -
793 DMS 128K 1 DATA CH data Direct Media Service - -
793 DMS 128K 2 DATA CH data Direct Media Service - -
790 - - NO DATA - - - - NO DATA
710 VOYAGER 1 POP stereo Radio Voyager English Contemporaneous music/News
New : as of 5 July 2003 : New : LAMP FM  (BC 842)  - CONGOBZV and COMRTEST have disappeared..

Note 1 : This is just the list I am personnally using for my WorldSpace listening, just shared here with you. This is not another reference. It just meets my needs.  In case of conflict, french issue takes precedence, although I try to update both simultaneously.

Press/Finance data offer : French newspapers  LA TRIBUNE, L'EQUIPE and LE MONDE can be subscribed to through  WorldSpace and received daily on your computer as a pdf file, whatever external conditions (location, political, crisis, weather - Additional services can be provided such as real time financial data  (stock market, exchange rates, materials market, interest rates, precious metals, news...), as well as Agence France Press news line in French or Arabic.. Contact = WorldsSpace France, Immeuble "Le Shannon", 13 rue Michel Labrousse, 31100 Toulouse, France.  Fax: +33 5 6143 8299

Channels are listed here in the order they appear when I scan on the Sanyo.
Changes done since this issue will only appear in... next update. This is not a real time service.
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Tell me if you have discovered specially interesting programming on one of the stations (give station, schedule, details) and we can mention it here for others..

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